Top Tier Display Cabinets on the Central Coast

The correct storage of your products is vital.

Display Cabinets for Retail and Commercial

If you have products on display in your business you want to ensure that your products look their best in a visually appealing way. Refrigeration Plus we work with you to ensure your products look amazing when on display in your business with a range of display cabinets. 

Refrigeration Plus design, maintain and install a variety of clear, attractive display cabinets suitable for storing an array of different product types.

Upright Fridges/Freezers

This cabinet design ranges from single-door to four-door styles. 

Perfect for storing and displaying items such as beverages, dairy products, flowers and more, these custom-cooled and temperature-adjustable cabinets can hold whatever stock you wish.
Separate cabinets can stand side by side without trouble or interference.

Open Display Cases

Typically used for presenting dairy products, fruit, vegetables, meat, beverages and more, this style favours an open display without glass doors or panels. 

This design can accommodate a larger stock of items and allows easier browsing and self-service.

Curved Glass Display Fridge

Aimed at specialised produce outlets such as butchers, bakeries, ice creameries, florists and more, our final design restricts self-service and enables over-the-counter transactions for ease of use.

These display cabinets offer plenty of space and a natural viewing angle for customers, as well as simple sliding doors for shopkeeper access.

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